Monday, February 27, 2012

Award tym :) Happy to be a Versatile & Inspirational Blogger...

Thank U Preeti for passing me these awards. 

The rules for accepting this award are:
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    7 points I would like to share is:
  1.  I never cooked before my marriage, and after marriage during the initial days I was the worst cook...God knows how my husband used to manage it. But thanks to him he never discouraged me & that is why I am here.
  2. MasterChef India 1 was my inspiration to develop my cooking skills.
  3. After my increase in passion towards cooking my husband gifted me a LG Microwave on my 24th birthday.
  4. During my initial usage with microwave & convection I have prepared cookies like stones and cakes like bricks...PHEW :P I have even burnt come microwave safe bowls...:( 
  5. But now I am proud to say I can cook & bake better than before.
  6. Being an amateur cook, I have learned many new things after I started blogging.
  7. Still learning & will be learning till the end :)

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      Lemon Rice

      Lemon rice is one my favourite and easy to make dish. The tangy flavour of lemon needs no side dish with it. It's one of my best among South Indian Dishes. Well here in South India they say "Pulliharam" (check me if I'm wrong with the spelling) Early morning when I get late preparing my husbands lunch as I wake late :P, I prepare Lemon rice for him. And he loves it too, without any complains in the evening :) Well today morning I prepared it in a hurry-bury so couldn't take good snaps, but I will update with better snaps as soon as I prepare it next time. :)