Monday, February 6, 2012

Dal Panchratan-Too Nutritious

Dal Panchatran... Pachatran because it consist of 5 different kinds of pulses in it. Rajma,Chick Peas, Bengal Gram,Moong Dal and Lobiya (Black eye Peas). Just while surfing about lentils/dals I found three variety of it - lentils, beans and peas. Legumes and Pulses are a natural source of protein, high in fibre and low in fat. They have a wide range of flavours and textures and form a large part of the Indian daily diet.

They are eaten either whole (with the skin still intact) or split in half (with or without their skins). The term "dal" refers to a bean or lentil which has had the outer husk removed and the remaining lentil is then split. This ensures a quicker cooking time and a softer, creamier texture when cooked.