Tips From My Kitchen :)

  • If you are making an apple and banana fruit salad, add a pinch of crushed mustard seeds. It will prevent the fruits from turning black and also help retain their flavour. :)
  •  After removing pickle from the bottle, always press it back into the oil layer using a rubber spatula or spoon. Make sure the pickle is fully submerged in the oil to prevent it from getting spoiled.
  • Preparing Lauki Ke Kofte don't throw the Bottle Guard Juice after squeezing, use it in the gravy or use it to prepare the roti/paranta dough.(adds taste to roti's) 
  • To prevent the salt cellar clogging up due to dampness, put a few grains of rice with the salt. These grains absorb the moisture.  
  • Peel the skin off garlic cloves easily by heating them in the microwave for 15 seconds.