Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Misti Dahi

Misti Dahi/ Sweet curd is one of the favourite desserts among the Bengali's. My father started his career at Kolkata, WB. He was there for 2-3 years and he knows almost all the old restaurants over there and the streets where, good food is available. Last when we visited in the year 2009 he took me and mom to a hotel when he asked us to taste Misti Dahi... & I have no words that was the best one I ever had... :)
Today just tried to imitate it still trying to achieve that taste...

Full Cream Milk - 1ltr
Curd - 8 tbsp for fermentation
Sugar - 3/4 Cup (Gur Can be used, it will give a brownish color to the dahi)

  1. In a heavy bottom pan or kadai, boil the milk till it reduces to half.
  2. Add the sugar.
  3. Let it cool for some time.
  4. In Kulhar put 2 tbsp of curd each. Approximately it will come in 4 Kulhars.
  5. Pour the milk into it and leave it as it it, do not mix. (well I have seen in some recipes that its asked to mix ie: curd and the milk so that it gets a good consistency. I tried it but it didn't come good.)
  6. Keep it in some warm place overnight and refrigerate it once curd is set.
  7. Serve it chilled.:) 
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Princy Vinoth said...

easy and yummy!

Anjali Bapna Shukla said...

I never knew that Mishti Dahi is made like that...thanks for sharing this utter-useful and flavorful recipe. :)
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Pari Vasisht said...

Love the mishti dohi with khejur gur. Your version with sugar is surely good way to try in the absence of jaggery.



PrathibhaSreejith said...

That sounds great Surabhi :) My dad used to love this(Hez ex Airforce), seen him making it, I never personally made this though. I should try this soon, thanks for sharing the recipe

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Sobha Shyam said...

wow, sounds yummy and easy to prepare too..Thanx a lot for linking it to my event dear :)

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Sangeetha M said...

sounds so yummy n delicious...looks inviting!!
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Anonymous said...

In the small pots.. so nice.. nice clicks too dear :)

You have an award at my blog.. please collect :)

Surabhi said...

Thanks Shee.. can I have the link...

Anonymous said...

Here it is my c&p of the link did not work!!!

Vimitha Durai said...

Nice refreshing drink
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preeti garg said...

thanks dear.....i loved it absolutely..following ur space.....do visit mine in ur free time :-)

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Amarendra said...

Hey, first time here on your blog. Thanks for posting this recipe. I buy this Mishti Dahi almost every week from Sweet Bengal. Now I'm going to try this at home.

anjana said...

loved the mishti dahi and the super cute kulhads...thanks for sharing the delicious recipe..loved your lovely space daear!!

preeti garg said...

awesome recipe...thanks for liking my event