Thursday, May 24, 2012

Scream for Rosie Ice-Cream

Just a nice way to beat the heat :) 


Milk - 1/2 ltr
Sugar - 1& 1/2 cup
Cream - 1/2 Cup (I used Amul Fresh Cream)
Cornflour - 2 tbsp
Rose Syrup - 3 tbsp


  1. Boil the milk until it reduces to 3/4th.
  2. Add Sugar and mix it properly.
  3. Now in a bowl with 1/4th cup milk add 2 tbsp Cornflour.
  4. Add the milk to the boiled milk and let it boil for 3-5 minutes and take it off the fire.
  5. Let it cool for about 30 minutes.
  6. In the mean while beat the cream till frothy.
  7. Add it to the milk and beat again.
  8. Add rose syrup and beat it again.
  9. Pour the whole mixture to a air tight container and refrigerate it for about 6-7 hours.
  10. Scoop out and drizzle some rose syrup on it and serve.
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Shabbu said...

Yummy and tempting ice cream...
Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

Sangeetha M said...

rose icecream sounds interesting, have tasted rosemilk only...
Spicy Treats

Resh said...

yummmm...interesting one...
do link to my ongoing event 'Scream Ice Cream!' at:

Rasi said...

Screaming for rosie ice cream :) looks lovely surabhi!

Unknown said...

Looks so good!

Lavanya said...

Lovely...I want to have it :)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

your process sounds so simple...delicious

hotpotcooking said...

Sounds interesting and delicious