Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pudina Lime

Pudina(MINT) is said to be the best medicine for stomach problems. Pudina can be used in various forms. I normally prepare pudina paranta, pudina chutney and I learned Pudina Rice from my mother-in-law (soon to publish once I prepare it :D ) and Pudina Lime from my sis-in-law {Jyoti-} Today I would like to share Pudina Lime, one of the best coolant during Summer and very refreshing... must try Coolant.
Pudina Lime From My Kitchen

1 bunch Pudina 
10-12 tbsp Sugar (honey can be used instead of Sugar)
Water (Chilled preferably)

Grind Pudina along with sugar with some water. Now add the rest water as per your requirement and serve. (You can separate with the help of separator if you like)
from my kitchen

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