Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I am not a COOK actually, but I have a passion for cooking. I always try new dishes from various cuisines. Some times the end result is superb, yumm, awesome etc.. and some times yuk, chi..., OMG etc LOL....  

At last I planned and inaugurated the Blog "My Cook Book".  Its been a month I actually planned but due to many unforeseen reasons I couldn't update it. Motto of this blog is to share my experience at my kitchen (may be the worse or the best) with all my loving readers. Many of my near and dears initiated me for this work and I am happy that I am feeling good to do this. I hope I give my best in future posts. 



Ravi Teja. Chippada said...

Hey its really yummy and mouth watering the way you prepare the Chole puri... I like your passion and the way of cooking. Great!

You should get me cooked when I visit Vizag next time.... :P

Surabhi said...

sure any tym buddy :)